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Kakuro Master  NL

Kakuro Master NL

Label: E Games
Taal: NL
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GameQ prijs:€ 4,00
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The Ultimate Puzzle Challenge - following on from the hugely popular Su Doku phenomenon, Ka Kuro Classic is the exciting new brainteaser from Japan that will seriously challenge both expert and novice puzzlers alike!

Kakuro requires a blend of logic, strategy and a keen mind in order to resolve the myriad of mathematical combinations that each new puzzle creates. It's just like a crossword - but with numbers!

With an inexhaustible supply of puzzles, Ka Kuro Classic provides truly limitless game play on your PC & laptop - and as you can quickly print puzzles to take with you - it's also ideal for commuting, holidays or simply relaxing in your favourite chair!


- Built-in Puzzle Generator provides unlimited Kakuro puzzles
- Two challenging skill levels to choose from - Beginner & Advanced
- 4 Grid Sizes
- Combination Calculator displays possible solutions to questions
- Game Markers remember your last correct move
- Go back facility - undo your last moves as much as you wish
- Require assistance at any point? Hints button can help you on your way
- Clear gaming interface - with a choice of four puzzle grid sizes
- A pleasure to play - simply use your mouse to drag & drop your choices
- Onboard Timer to record your best performance
- Pencil Marks - Auto-generated or user placed notes
- Toggle Sounds on/off
- Pause, save and restart any puzzle
- Full Install - no need to run from CD
- Print & Go - perfect for commuting, trips away and the lunch break!
- eMail puzzles to work, family and friends
- Clear instructions on how to play - and tips on becoming a Kakuro Master.

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