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NBA Live 10 (2010) PSP (OP=OP)

NBA Live 10 (2010) PSP (OP=OP)

Label: Electronic Arts (Console)
Taal: ENG
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NBA LIVE is back with the one purpose: To deliver an authentic basketball experience, all season long. From the in-game presentation and enhanced user control to the one of a kind Dynamic DNA and revolutionary Dynamic Season, NBA LIVE 10 is re-writing the book on basketball simulation videogames.

With a new team at the help and a renewed focus on gameplay, NBA LIVE 10 brings a smoother more fluid playing basketball experience than has ever been seen in the LIVE franchise. With improvements to player movement, passing, shooting, blocking, rebounding, dunks and dribbling the entire game has been overhauled to make sure it?s the best playing basketball game on the market. Featuring a dual-layered control scheme, NBA LIVE 10 will be accessible to casual users, while still giving advanced users the enhanced control they crave - giving anyone, no matter their skill level, the ability to create their own highlight reel plays.


- Gameplay, Gameplay, Gameplay ? With an overhauled gameplay system, NBA LIVE 10 brings
the most fluid basketball experience ever seen in the LIVE franchise. From an all new player
movement system to improved AI for your teammates, and from a revamped passing system to
the numerous options you have when attacking the basket, NBA LIVE 10 recreates the speed,
intensity and creativity of basketball to an unparalleled degree
- Dynamic DNA?The brain behind the game is powered by Synergy Sports Technology - the
premier analytics provider using NBA data for over 25 NBA teams ? which evaluates Player
DNA that breaks down how a player scores, Team DNA that rates how the players on the
floor play as a unit and Tendencies that refer to the percentage a player drives left, right or
shoots from each spot on the floor.
- Enhanced User Control??NBA LIVE 10 gives you control never seen in a basketball
videogame. From breaking down a defender on the perimeter to driving the basket and
choosing to finish strong or with a light touch, NBA LIVE 10 lets you play ball the way you
want to.
- Authentic Presentation??From hearing the crowd in Toronto boo Vince Carter when he
touches the ball, to seeing LeBron do his trademark chalk toss, NBA LIVE 10 captures all the
excitement and passion of an NBA game. A player underperforming? Powered by Dynamic
DNA, evolving storylines throughout the season keep the commentary fresh so that when you
hit the final games of the regular season you?re still hearing something new.
- Team Differentiation?From the Lakers? triangle offense to Cleveland running their offense
through LeBron, no team in the NBA plays the same way, and neither will the teams in NBA
LIVE 10. With authentic NBA playbooks powering the AI decisions of the players on your team,
and your opponents, look for players to run the same sets that they would in real life.
- Player Differentiation ? From fast breaks to owning the paint, some players are just better at
some aspects of the game than others. In NBA LIVE 10 players mimic their real life
counterparts with an alarming degree of accuracy. From speedy point guards to lumbering
centers, each individual player will feel uniquely different
- Throwback Jerseys, Shoes and more?With throwback, holiday and cultural jerseys, deck
your favorite team in some nostalgia. With over 500 shoes in the game that update throughout
the course of the season and authentic tattoos on 75 of the top players in the league, NBA
LIVE 10 is as real as videogame basketball gets.

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