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Anno 1404, Venice (Add-On)  (DVD-Rom)

Anno 1404, Venice (Add-On) (DVD-Rom)

Label: Ubisoft
Releasedatum: 25-2-2010
Taal: ENG
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GameQ prijs:€ 11,72
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ANNO 1404 is developed by Related Designs and produced by Blue Byte, and is the latest opus of the ANNO strategy-game series, where the discovery of the ancient oriental civilization will inspire the players? creative vision and help them raise monumental cities and develop a great historical empire. ANNO 1404 features a deep economy system, a wide game world and a dynamic gameplay which continuously challenge the players' strategic and management skills.


- The rich Anno 1404 environment gets complemented with a new Venetian setting offering
new possibilities of interaction:
- Build two new Venetian ship types: the small and big tradesman cog
- Develop secret cabinets, infiltrate your enemies and sabotage their expansion
- Take control over enemy cities thanks to your influence in the cities? council board
- Play Anno 1404 online in a multiplayer mode:
- Choose to play versus or coop to defeat the AI by combining your techniques
- Up to 8 players
- Up to 60 new items and 300 new quests with two new types: trading race and ship boarding
- Discover and exploit a new type of island, the Volcano island
- New scenarios to face new challenges with new achievements, medals and crests.

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1404 Venice

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