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SSX  Xbox 360

SSX Xbox 360

Label: Electronic Arts (Console)
Releasedatum: 1-3-2012
Taal: ENG
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GameQ prijs:€ 52,00
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A modern day reinvention of one of the most critically acclaimed arcade franchises of all-time, EA SPORTS? SSX will allow players to experience the franchise?s signature fun and adrenaline-packed gameplay across iconic mountain ranges all over the world.

Using NASA topographical satellite data, we?ve mapped out a Massive World for players to explore. Throughout nine expansive mountain ranges, SSX packs reality-defying gameplay into every run letting players Race, Trick, and Survive down huge open mountains. In addition, Explore, Global Events and RiderNet - SSX?s recommendation engine - headline an online feature set that will revolutionize social competition for gamers, making it fun and easy to compete with friends on your schedule.


- Conquer the Planet?s Mountains? From Antarctica to Africa and the Himalayas to the
Alps, players will drop into nine of the most iconic mountains ranges on planet earth.
Using NASA topographical data and our proprietary Mountain Man tool, each of these
iconic mountain ranges have then been exaggerated to deliver a gameplay experience
that is true to SSX
- Race it ?Way beyond your typical racing experience, SSX allows players to race
down huge open mountains with multiple elevations and no invisible walls to hem the
player in.
- Trick it?Defying the laws of reality, SSX will enable players to pull off tricks that
would make even the world?s greatest snowboarders cringe. Forget a 1260? Double
Mctwist, in SSX if you still have both feet strapped to the board while you?re spinning
200 feet in the air then you?re still a beginner. With a refined trick system and levels
designed to deliver trick opportunities at every turn, filling your Tricky meter is a must.
- Survive it ? A new gameplay element inspired by big mountain snowboarding, SSX
asks players to survive some of the most treacherous descents on earth. Challenged
by the power of Mother Nature, players will have to survive avalanches, white outs,
freezing cold temperatures and much more, as they make their way down these
natural boss battles.
- Advanced Physics?Harnessing the power of the current generation of consoles,
SSX introduces a revolutionary physics engine that will allow players to ride and trick
off almost anything in the environment, unrestricted by invisible walls and barriers.
- Upgradeable Gear ?From boards of varying speeds to wing suits that let you glide for
longer distances, upgrade your gear to ride faster, trick higher and survive longer
- Characters Old and New ?Favorite characters, as selected by the fans, make their
return to SSX along with some new faces that will be joining the franchise. Returning
characters include: Elise, Kaori, Mac, Psymon, Moby and Zoe.
- Explore - Explore every drop in the massive world of SSX. Set your fastest time on
Race Drops, post your highest score in Trick Drops, and descend as far down the
mountain as you can in Survival Drops. In addition to a traditional leaderboard showing
friends? times to beat, ghosts of your friends? runs are also visible in your world
showing you exactly how they tackled a run. Challenge your friends? ghosts or let
your own ghost chalk up wins and losses, while you?re away from your console.
- Global Events - Constant global competition at every drop point the SSX universe
against real people in real-time. Events can last for a single run, hours, or even days,
with your friends and closest competitors phasing in and out of your immediate
surroundings at all times. Post a time and move up or down the leaderboard even
after you turn off your console.
- RiderNet - Inspired by the incredible Autolog engine from Need for Speed, RiderNet will
be the players guide through the world of SSX. It will allow players to ?like? their
favorite drops, recommend new drops and friends to the player, point players to
ghosts that are beating their scores and much more.

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