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The Entente, World War 1 Battlefields

The Entente, World War 1 Battlefields

Label: TBA
Taal: ENG
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The Entente centres on the military events of 1914-1918. Each detail of the game is designed to give gamers a truly realistic picture of that period--from the interface to the authentic look of buildings, landscapes and units. Everything in the game was created with archive photos and other chronicles so the game is historically accurate in all details.

In this game you become not only a witness to the events, but a powerful army commander leading the forces of Russia, France, Germany, the Austrian empire or Britain. The game pits the three countries of the Entente against two hostile states. There are five campaigns that reflect the real historical roles of the participants and you can use economic tools and the hints of your advisors to increase your forces and destroy brutal enemies. You will lead infantry and cavalry, move forceful tank divisions and occupy air space with your air units.


- 5 playable nations.
- The first game based on the events of the WWI.
- Realistic visual effects (explosions, debris, fire and many others).
- Impressive 3D landscapes and 3D sound put the player firmly on the battlefield.
- Massive combat (up to 80.000 units on a single map).
- Engage in chemical warfare.
- Non-linear mission structure and authentic historical battles.
- Multiplayer mode (up to 8 players).
- Various types of period weaponry, armour, vehicles and buildings.

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