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Dr. Kawashima, Brain & Body Exercises (Kinect)  Xbox 360

Dr. Kawashima, Brain & Body Exercises (Kinect) Xbox 360

Label: Atari (Console)
Taal: ENG
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In Dr. Kawashima's, Body and Brain Exercises, move your body to exercise your brain using the Xbox 360 Kinect device. The game invites you to follow a program of simple physical coordination exercises to improve your brain age. Multiplayer gameplay lets friends and family join in the series of fun, lively body exercises and compare brain age scores.


- Follow Dr Kawashima's program for the first time on a home console and using the
Kinect for Xbox 360 device.
- A game for everyone: players of all ages must think fast and act even faster as
they respond to maths, logic, reflex, memory and physical challenges using the
full-motion capabilities of the Kinect sensor.
- The game includes over 20 different activities in single or multiplayer mode.
- Involve family and friends: compete in fun and engaging activities with up to 4
players taking turns to see who can achieve the youngest brain age.
- A daily progress tracker makes sure that players are up-to-date with their current
brain age as they continue to stimulate both mind and body.

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