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Gioteck, MX-1 Micro Media Remote (Black)  PS3

Gioteck, MX-1 Micro Media Remote (Black) PS3

Label: Datel
Taal: ENG
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Super Slick, Uber Slim & Instinctive Controls, the MX1 has been designed to compliment the style and look of your favourite console and control Blu-Ray?, DVD Movies & your Cross Media Bar with uncomplicated ease. Each function has been thoughtfully positioned onto the dual rings to coincide with the way our brain would expect them to be, no clutter, no gadgets just intelligent design.


- Uncomplicated Ease Ergonomically designed around the rotation of your thumb, Play,
Pause, Up, Down, Fast Forward, Chapter Skip etc, all there right where you would
expect them to be, thoughtfully layered onto two control rings.
- Super Slick, Slim Designed for today?s uncluttered micro lifestyle, with a length of
only 100mm and a depth of less than 10mm, it takes pride of place in any modern
day lounge.
- Power Conscious Utilizing only minimum power technology and keeping power
consumption low enough to use a standard ?watch? battery (Included).