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The Spiderwick Chronicles  Xbox 360

The Spiderwick Chronicles Xbox 360

Label: Vivendi Console
Taal: ENG
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GameQ prijs:€ 9,00
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Plunge deep into a fantasy world full of mystical creatures when you join the Grace children on their quest to discover the secrets of The Spiderwick Chronicles. Based on Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Films' movie adaptation of the best-selling book series, the video game lets players take on the roles of Jared, Simon and Mallory Grace as they enter the hidden world of the unseen. Play as all three Grace siblings, each with unique abilities, along with Thimbletack the Brownie, whose small size allows players to discover the inner passages of the enchanted Spiderwick home.


- Kid-Friendly Combat and Collection: Equipped with context sensitive controls for attacks and
environment interaction, the game includes several combat elements, along with a creature
collection component that allows players to log objects found during the journey into the Field
Guide, earning the player new abilities, quest solutions or unlockable items.
- Multiple Playable Characters: Players can choose to play as ANY of the three Grace children;
each possessing unique abilities crucial to combating hordes of Goblins, hunting and capturing
Faerie creatures and solving puzzles to successfully complete each mission. Players may also
adventure through special tasks in the Spiderwick Estate as Thimbletack, the tiny Brownie
who helps the Grace kids throughout their journey.
- Minigames: Minigames consist of a series of arenas where players may capture sprites and / or
fight off enemies. Some can be played by two players.

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